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Since 2013 Livewire has been publishing content to help investors make more informed and successful investment decisions. The fund marketplace was introduced in 2020 as a way to help investors take the next step in their investment journey.

The initial launch of the marketplace was about introducing features and patterns that would provide value to users from the start, but also lay a solid foundation for the marketplace to grow. Building to learn was core to our strategy, designing and building the product in a way that would allow us to respond to the needs of both sides of the marketplace was top of mind.

Visit the fund profile and fund search.

My contribution

  • Research

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

The team

  • 1 Product Manager

  • 1 Product Designer

  • 3 Engineers



Using the recently designed contributor profile as a base, we explored new patterns that would help showcase the more data heavy fund information. Written content is core to the Livewire brand so we wanted to incorporate content in the profiles to help fund managers tell the story of the fund.

Fund profile

Designing the first iteration of fund search was an exercise in restraint. As with any search experience there were so many features we "could" have added but we had to be laser focused on what was usable (the easy part), valuable, viable and feasible. Each department worked together to deliver business and user value.

Fund search

Filter controls were intentionally designed to be standalone modules that would help us design an experience specifically optimised for the filter type. For example, with 'filter by investment type' we wanted to lean into user education by providing more context in a wide modal, whereas 'filter by asset class' was a more traditional dropdown.

This also had the intended benefit of allowing us to release each filter to production independently. Asset class filter was released initially with investment type filter release once we were able to test and validate to a subset of users in production.

Search filters

Product Design

A selection of product design case studies focused on UI and visual design, with more UX case studies to come.

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A selection of websites I've designed and built in the last few months. More details available on request.

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I post a mixture of finished designs and work in progress on dribbble.

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